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Our enthusiasm has always been studying and learning about strategic marketing and the art of online marketing. Technology has advanced far ahead by adapting to new ways of advertising such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) so we decided to dedicate our time and efforts to SEM industry. We are very interested and passionately involved in Search Engine Marketing design and creative levels, particularly pay per click, search engine optimization combined with branding, identity and publication designs. We choose to and stand for by our beliefs to create SEM solutions that stand distinctive against time rather than mindless trend-driven strategies. We have a passion for online marketing new strategies and search engine marketing industry and anything related to internet marketing technology. We like staying up to date with the new online tools and SEM methods of the online marketing industry and to use these effectively to achieve good SEM strategies, functionality and usability in our work. It wasn't until our team graduated from college that we really began to understanding more and more about search engine marketing and we are thankful for every new client, every new brief, every new task that is presented to us everyday. Every one allows us to cultivate and expand the skills and awareness in a slightly new direction and we can't begin to convey how much that makes us feel more confident.

We are a team of qualified search engine marketing experts with over 7 years of commercial industry experience. Like nearly all SEM agencies out there we have a freelance operation on the side. Our agency has an extensive variety of creative and systematic skills, including creative writing, website design, information building, interactive design, audio, video, branding, and usability testing. With sufficient experience with HTML, JavaScript, and other Web-enabling technologies we intend for a client based approach that keeps them concentrated on the target audiences' goals and potentials throughout the entire project development. We are however, constantly up against all these cuts with little or no SEO skills that undercut on price and skill to the detriment of REAL search engine optimization services. TripleROI greatly appreciates the knowledge that we as a team have gathered throughout these years and glad to have helped so many businesses improve their search engine presence and achieve great results. We do not only enjoy getting the desired results but also feel a great joy when a specific keyword shows up on Google's first page.

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