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PPC Bid Management Tactics

As pay per click marketing becomes more competitive by the day, it is necessary to have a set of PPC bid management tactics in order to outbid the competitor’s bid rivalry. One of the common bid strategies I use is to bid on competitor’s names so whenever a user searches for your competitor your PPC ads show up on googe or yahoo whatever search engine you are running your PPC campaigns. The idea behind these PPC bid management tactics is to somehow increase you brand awerness because everyone know about large corporation but are unaware of smaller organizations who may offer the same services or products at a lower price and sometimes even a better quality. So find who all you PPC competitors are for certain products or services and its up to you who would you like to bid on. So how do you find who your rivalry is ? Try searching for a service keyword on Google and look at the ads that show up for those specific keywords, that is how you know who the other players are.

Another one of my PPC bid management tactics is to keep you daily budget higher than what would you normally have it set everyday. This is done to receive higher impression because Google will see that your daily budget is high and it will spread out your money throughout the day so even if you don’t spend it all (which you wont) it will give you the opportunity to set lower bids during the peak time of the day because the competition will usually and in most cases bid very aggressively in that time period. Bid wisely and tactfully on your core business terms as those tend to be the ones that waste most of your budget during the day. I would recommend this PPC bid management tactic to be implemented only for keywords that your business is all about not for non-relevant terms that do not bring in any revenue. Choose 5 – 10 terms that you would like to optimize and then play around with the bids until you find that right daily balance and save your hard earned money.

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