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PPC Management

Our aim is to meet a particular goal you set at the beginning of the PPC program which is prior to the pay per click campaign launch. The goal setting will provide us with a greater understanding of what your business should be focusing on in order to achieve the desired results through online marketing action plan.

We make it my priority to keep up-to-date with new developments in the pay per click industry so that we can benefit from producing cutting-edge strategies for maximum optimization.

From basic PPC service to full PPC services your company image is important and needs to be recognized in order to give people a very different impression depending on your online representation. There are several companies out there today who have taken a lot of time in generating their pay per click very successfully. PPC can get very expensive but there are ways that you can not afford it and allocate the money to what works only . with this in mind you need to take time to consider the factors in how you want to be perceived. We can discuss this with you and also how to extend this to its widest reach. you can use very simple and proven branding techniques to get your company name remembered and recognized.

Below are outlined the PPC process steps:

Step 1 - Keyword Research & Development
Our team will choose creative keywords and key phrases that are appropriate to your product or service.

Step 2 - PPC Ad Copy Development
Our team will develop and write creative and eye-catching ad copy and decide which out of all will be executed for better optimization.

Step 3 - PPC Campaign Bid Management
Our team will closely monitor and manage your campaign spending and assure the right amond of funds is allocated wherever its need and bringing in the revenue.

Step 4 - PPC Campaign Tracking
Our team will track your PPC campaign performance by utilizing third party tools in order to evaluate each keyword and ad group to the smallest details.

Step 5 - PPC Campaign Reporting

Our team will provide you with detailed monthly reports broken down to the keyword level and also provide suggestions and recommendations for future management.

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