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Although the number of SEO books and SEO resources available to support readers, seo online education is increasing at a quick pace, for some SEO resources and users the level of paper access to information previously available has actually decreased. While it was in the past possible for readers with entrance to libraries located in close to one another to visit each one to consult books and journals held in print, the licenses under which the electronic copies of the same items are made available often restrict use to staff and students currently enrolled or employed by a particular institution

For some new seo freelancers or new boston seo readers there are also related issues of the move to online learning changing and the costs involved in the learning process. A reader needs access to the internet to access journals, and so increasingly will need to own a computer, and then print his own copy of SEO resources. The risk that SEO online education can transfer costs to the student and considers that they may also change the nature of the cost destiny by students or readers from time to money or vice versa. There are two dimensions to the largely over looked issue of the cost in time to students that needs to be devoted to SEO information finding activities. The issue however is not specific, with many lecturers arguing that the ability to identify and locate relevant information is itself part of the SEO learning process. While libraries admire the virtues of the e-library as an alternative to visiting library buildings, some readers accustomed to use of libraries in person already regard lack of browsing and personal assistance from library staff as a barrier to finding information in the online environment. Some students find that change of the cost from one of time to direct financial expenditure imposes an unacceptable financial weight.

Despite the increasing range and volume of SEO information available to support online courses, there is still significant reliance upon printed books and other physical SEO resources.

As internet marketing education increasingly moves online it is important to make sure that the communications needed to support this is available to anyone. While there has been significant growth in the availability of key information SEO resources online, important resources remain inaccessible outside of individual buildings or universities.

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