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B2B PPC Advertising

Based on this emarketers report we can clearly see where B2B is heading in the next three years as far as spending goes on advertising budget.

Key questions the “B2B Marketing Online” report answers:

  • Where are marketers spending their money?
  • What media influences decision-makers most?
  • What are employees really doing online at work?
  • And many others
What I like about these stats is that most of the B2b companies currently are scaling back on PPC spending as economy has greatly impacted many companies marketing plans and budgets in order to meet their other business demands. As far as I am concerned B2B companies will be more likely to spend on pay per click advertising despite the fact of this economy downturn given that for most of them online marketing is the only way to generate leads. For example softwre companies are the number ones on the list along with other hi-tech ones. I think there is definalty potential for B2B companies to profit from PPC.

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