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A great number of BtoB (business to business) companies are still skeptical to try online marketing (PPC, SEO) as it seems to be an unknown territory for most CMOs out there. However, Google tries to reflect on the well-known Google AdWords service, which offers tools and web advertising solutions for small and medium enterprises, and individuals. Most BtoB companies have tried to run ads for their website, and their reaction immediately is that the adwords management system of payments, account personnel and advertising campaigns is very efficient and easy to use.

What most BtoB companies need to know is that everything is handled automatically and, what is essential is that the solution adopted to attract the customer is really significant impact. Moreover, the whole thing is controlled directly from you. Certainly - be assured - if you have correctly stated keywords, you will increase visits to your portal: the internet user is clearly attracted by the precision with which the result is offered. And it is obvious that it is strategic to receive visits (and more) from its users in search of what your company offers! The positive features of the service are numerous and valid, but I think even those that convince me not. What? Well, understand what it costs the service is a magical art! As we know, the payment shall be made solely on click received by users and not only by viewing and this is true. But when you look at the costs charged to the account, some doubt remains. Google is charging into practice immediately the total cost of your ads and only at a later time, remove the click is actually received. If you purchased, for example, a package of 500 clicks, at package is as if all the 500 clicks. At a later time, however, you will see fortunately escalated all over and click that your ad has received. The fact in itself is not disastrous, but still the annoyance of having to pay in advance as most assumed, otherwise it incurs of campaign suspension. For a BtoB company is not a problem, but for a small trader is perhaps less obvious “anticipate” on credit. Only in a later time, in fact, the costs are deducted for excessive click: These steps can double confusion and make the score insecure.

In any case, the AdWords service is truly innovative and, also, correctly answered the promises set out in welcome. But we expect a change in policy on payments and balances, and above all more clearly.

In conclusion, the service is useful for BtoB companies and medium enterprises who have just entered the Internet market and want to be known, mainly because the public is absolutely focused and the process of achieving the goals long-term business is assured. As for the question on payments, speaking with the assistance Google seems that the problem tends towards a positive solution.

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