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Gmail for new mobile phones

The Gmail for mobile 2.0 provides superior performance and features to receive push email on mobile phones

You are happy owners of a Gmail account? So now it is even easier and faster access from mobile phones to e-mail inbox. If you have not yet e-mail to the Google service, this could be an opportunity for dotarvi a reliable system of push email on mobile (including Java, not just smartphones).

And it's free, because you only responsible to pay the data traffic generated on the cell line. The credit goes entirely to the new 2.0 version of Gmail for mobile clients, or small Java software that offers all the features of e-mail. In mobility: the application being installed on your mobile phone, is with your profile and is ready for use.

"We have renovated the architecture of the client to improve the functioning of the process in the background, in addition to refining the elements of the code that created bottlenecks and slowdowns," says Derek Phillips, software engineer involved in the project Google Mobile.

And this explanation, appeared on the official blog search engine for this type of application is sufficiently clear about the new features of Gmail 2.0. In detail, was a work of profound improvement in the operation of the program, particularly for those with multiple accounts and configured for those who want to move without too many problems by mail to Google Apps.

And then a new collection of direct links and features has been dedicated to those who use Gmail 2.0 on a smartphone with a Qwerty keyboard. Plus, now the software can also operate in the background without too much resources. Even in off-line: Allows you to prepare messages, which will be sent automatically as soon as you reconnect to the network data.

Everything held together by revised menu and a custom, now with the support 35 different languages and the BlackBerry. To download Gmail for mobile 2.0 just go with your mobile browser at / mail and download the application. There is also a video that explains in English the new features is available by

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