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Google Birthday

Often times we forget how the giant of search Google these days is the most established search engine on the Internet world has celebrated 10 years of life. Back in 1998 when it was founded by two students Page and Brin nobody could imagine how many and what successes would have known their daring project.

Since then, expansion has been quite constant and enabled the company to Mountain View to spread out the business to new horizons online marketing, as the recent release of the browser Chrome, regardless of the attempts of acquisition by Microsoft.

Several efforts have been made to analyze and interpret the reasons for this success, but did not find a more credible than the others. Most likely, quality and efficiency of the algorithm research aside, one of the reasons I think may be sought in the extreme simplicity of use married to a model research-nonsense and devoid of frills which did not leave room for advertising deals and invasive. Even in the chart, as happens in other popular search engines.

In parallel, B2B(Business to Business )companies have steadily expressed more confidence in the giant, realizing what was important to be visible through a tool such effectiveness. And today, no coincidence, the big G supervises the Web for 40% of advertising revenue and 70% of research, despite the fears associated with managing and storing an incredible amount of information including personal users rely on services available.

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