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Google has Improved Website Flash indexing

The indexing of Flash file is no longer a problem thanks to the new algorithm developed by Google that lets you scan and recognize text contained in this file SWF (Shockwave Flash), including menus, banners and buttons, thus greatly improving the visibility of sites achieved with this technology.

The web designers have always faced great difficulties when it was indexing a site developed in Flash technology: as the Spider Google did not recognize the text in the file extension. Swf, it was necessary to further passage that included the creation of a page. html to make the text used by search engines (a practice which has gradually been penalized by search engines as "hidden text" as often happened that the "beautiful and clean "Flash is built in a load of text spam, not visible to users).

Well now you know the importance of index and place a site in search engines: the visibility on the web is key for all those who really want to reach the largest number of users and increase the number of contacts or prospects.

Despite the significant developments in recent times been in the field of web design, graphics solutions with increasingly innovative, remember that the engines are still totally based on text: users insert it into the search box of Google or other engines a word or a combination of keywords, not specific images or icons, so the indexing of a site depends on the ability to make the site optimized for spiders, including through the appropriate use of title, meta tags and formatting text.

The Google algorithm was developed in direct collaboration with Abode, whose library Searchable SWF has continued to make improvements so that the "crawlers" were able to crawl all sorts of SWF files, indexing "almost" all textual content visible by the user, including the possibility of recognizing the "gadgets" Flash and URLs in the file, for direct links to pages within the site. The reason the "almost" is that if the Flash file contains images or videos which contain text, it will not be crawled or indexed.

From today there will be a short greater convergence between web designers and SEO specialists: they can optimize the entire text files in Flash, you will create sites highly innovative and simultaneously have the characteristics necessary to "draw the attention "Not only for users but also search engines. It will therefore sites to "Flash-friendly" but at the same time, the webmaster should be aware that not to index a particular content will replace text with images, so that the crawlers can not recognize, taking also mind the increased risk of penalty by dubbing.

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