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Google Maps improves the results business

Google Maps has made a small but substantial changes to the pages of results. Now when you conduct a search for a business, in addition to the name and address appear even a thumbnail photo for a review. This makes it possible to have more data without having to click on each result.Anyone who wants to publish a schedule for the business on its maps can use the Google Local Business Center.

Search with My Location on Windows Mobile phones

Google has introduced a new feature for research in network made from mobile phones and Windows Mobile handholds. The service is called Search with My Location and allows you to search based on local area where it is currently the user instead of using the last place you entered.

Using Gears Geolocation API, Search with My Location can identify the coordinates (in approximate) of where the user is conducting the research, some 'as was the case with Google maps for mobile.

In this way, just type what you want to search, without necessarily indicate any geographical reference. Typing "weather", for example, you can get weather information in the area. If you want to obtain information relating to another city is sufficient to specify its name in the search string.

To protect the privacy of Google users would like to clarify that Search with My Location does not associate the current location to any information that would identify it. Currently this service is available only in the United States and the United Kingdom and to use Just visit with your Windows Mobile phone.

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