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Google new quality score

Looks like Google changes to the algorithms for calculating the Quality Score, used by the AdWords system to determine prices and positions of ads on their advertising platform will really help advertisers improve their campaigns performance.

Google says that the calculation of the Quality Score will be in real time based on queries made by users. Besides this will also be taken into account all other factors such as the historical clickthrough rate(CTR) on the ads with your account and the quality of landing page, although the latter factor is what will be considered less frequently.

Google also has replaced the concept of minimum bid for the ad with the estimated price to appear on the front page. What does this mean? Certainly for keywords that have few advertisers that change in pricing policy will not lead to great revolutions. For all those advertisers who want to appear on the front page for searches on a keyword particularly competitive on price will probably be higher than before.

Great news!

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