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Landing Page Optimization Tips

When a user arrives at a page of the website after you clicking on a pay per click ad, it is essential that they find the information immediately, the service or product they want. I find that content on the page must push it to encourage a purchase, request information, fill out a form to request quotation. This landing page has to shows or better yet needs to attract the users eye for better results. A good landing page should have content that is as close as possible to that searched the search engines. The main features that this type of landing page should have are:

  • Compatibility with all platforms and browsers especially IE and Firefox
  • Have a simple Html structure that will not make the page load slow
  • Bullet text containing the words used in the advertisement and keywords
  • Presence of a single request for action to enforce the visitor (fill in a form, buy, whitepaper, demos etc. )
  • No link to the page if not one that leads directly to the (eg buys a product)
  • Presence of a special offer with a maturity of the type: "discount promotion, coupons, deals.."

The main purpose of the landing page is to get a conversion from visitor to convert a user. Therefore very important to create content on the page persuasive that improve ROI (Return on investment) or the return of advertising.

In conclusion

Without landing page campaigns pay per click can point to a page of arrival pre existing site getting a result in relation to how it is structured. By creating a landing page specifically designed for the campaign will get results that go far beyond the concept of "lead users to the site.

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