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Corporate Press release optimization

How to write and publish corporate press releases and blog optimization marketing to gain the real benefits that may arise from online marketing,. Whoever is familiar with online marketing probably has read many times statements such as' content is king ', or, sometimes it is unbeaten in suggestions such as: it is important to treat the content, write and publish quality content, etc ...

Why is all true as simple internet is designed by its users as preferential access to information, now more than any other medium. I am hardly able to meet the contingency, my information needs through other media such as radio or the newspapers television, or if we succeed, it will be a casual. But with this web interactive process even before cognitive, is possible at any moment. This means that, since there are no barriers online, but only several languages or cultures, the Web is structured now as a huge container of information.

The quality content can play a decisive role for users who log on daily to search engines, looking for information useful to them. Now we focus on corporate press release optimization which is mainly a set of strategies and actions for the distribution of content, and the visibility that it may receive.

Write quality content on the web

Some think when the statement write quality content feel that it is necessary to have some kind of communication or organizational skill to be able to act as a character and disseminate information on the web. Things are not quite the case, which is why I would suggest a correct key reading of that sentence, which more than anything else is responsible for the content attractiveness, but also on its quality. For content quality personally want a comprehensive document, covering a good portion of information, in sufficient depth, which is useful to someone. For example the distribution of online tutorial in addition to many other examples that could be done. The tutorials are guides that are easily and spontaneously visibility due to the fact that many internet users seeking precisely that kind of collected information.

Distribution of content online

Whoever contributes to the production of useful and free, is awarded by the spread of contributions, and a resulting vision that draws from that, as the most classic of linking. There are several sites where you can, upon registration, include items you want to highlight because of quality. In truth, however, these sites are press release foreigners, therefore difficult to convey content. That is why we decided to open (this RSS feeds), a site of press release, where you can publish free articles and contents in general, with a simple registration.

Once registered, you can proceed to submit your articles, which will be screened by people in flesh and bones, and if deemed appropriate, will be published online. Once the item is' live ', will be taken and redistributed online, as provided by prweb features that reads precisely:

All PRWeb news releases deliver online visibility. There are four levels of news releases that contain progressively increasing degrees of distribution, display features, SEO and social media functionality, and reporting capabilities. Please refer to the comparison chart below to find the package that best meets your needs and goals.” From

This ensures that the author can get the most visibility whenever the article will be republished on other websites. If the author frequently produces good-quality content, this will help make it popular on the network through a process of viral syndication.

Why choose corporate press release

The press release strategy produces some advantages for authors and producers of content, I try to summarize below:

* Increase in visibility
* Link Popularity
* Cost effective
* Ease of use
* Speed
* Quick redistribution

In terms of webmaster or blogger who wants to use those contents, the advantages are many:

- Variety of content
- Originality of content
- Quality for its visitors
- Ease of distribution through RSS
- Rapid republication on its website / blog

Finally we have the end user, who may obtain and investigate the information you want.

Press releases on

Among the various categories on, is a dedicated online news releases, to offer businesses a further channel through which to convey their releases. Obviously in this case, the publication of press releases is totally free. Editorial Guidelines

Like any site marketing article worthy of respect, even on present guidelines on the drafting of articles that carryover below:

1. The article must be written by you, of your fist. If you are sending an article on behalf of third parties, please refer to the author original. We do not accept articles copied or bought by others.

2. The article may not contain links to affiliate programs.

3. The article should be informative. Log in as authoritative in a sector include tips, tricks, techniques, analysis, opinions, case studies.

4. Articles should not be overly promotional, advertising except press releases.

5. Articles must be written in English correct. Checks for various kinds of errors before sending it.

6. Respects these simple rules on punctuation: first of punctuation marks not include spaces; enter a space after each punctuation mark.

7. Articles may not contain pornographic material, and must (of course) to comply with the law. In general, the articles must not undermine the dignity and morale of others.

8. Do not send the same article, although slightly modified several times.

From today there is a network in more excuse to write and publish articles for free. It's called and is also waiting for your contribution quality.

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