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How to define a PPC bidding strategy

Often times I get questions about PPC bid management techniques and strategies and how to implement them on a pay per click campaign. Well, that’s the million dollar question and answer that no one likes to share since it may jeopardize a clients competitive success strategy. However, there are a few tips out there that might help anyone who is in a need of some valuable advice to execute in their current PPC campaign. But before I reveal some of these PPC management strategies I would first like to point out that keyword bidding is only one part of the puzzle of a pay per click campaign management. Before you even begin to think of a bidding strategy you have to think of your campaign daily and monthly budget strategy because that’s what controls the bid management limitations. For example: if you have a daily budget of $200 for twelve campaigns each with 100 keywords it is going to be very difficult to spread it out within these campaigns. And believe it or not that’s a mistake many PPC managers do on daily basis without even realizing it because they are way too focused on implementing their own PPC bidding strategies but are not looking at the big picture.

While it is essential to understand how bid management works, it is also important to understand the prioritization of the Pay Per Click process from the beginning to the end of the funnel. Ensuring you have the right budget in mind to support the keywords you intend to bid on so your daily budget doesn’t get maxed out in two hours.

ppc bid management strategy
So prior to launching a PPC campaign think about what your end goal is and how much are you willing to stretch your advertising budget. PPC advertising can be complicated and risky if you “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks “. The days when Google used to charge 0.5 cents a click are gone and so are those PPC strategies.

PPC bidding strategies to consider:
  • Have a budget allocation strategy
  • Geo-Target campaigns to potential customer locations
  • Day-Parting in order to target your niche market
  • Careful keywords matching (very important)
  • Quality score + Click Through Rate
Now of course these are common sense strategies to some you, but imperative to your Pay Per Click campaign success and if executed strategically conversion rates will skyrocket.Every business is unique in its own way so it may take some time to start building that great click through rate which greatly affects the bidding war. My best advice to those business owners or corporations who are running their in-house PPC campaigns is to take a deeper look at what their bidding strategies are focused on and revisit.

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