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Mozilla has created the contest

The Mozilla Foundation has used (of course) the Internet to engage its community of users around a contest that rewards the best marketing plan - but it is so generous to describe them, are structured presentations - focused on the proposed retention of users.

Indeed, one of problems faced by Firefox is not so much the number of installations, the number of people who actually use it. Because the browser is the main instrument for grated Internet users routine and non-experts need time to learn the operation. And when he reached the mastery of independence not sufficient enough curiosity browser competitor to exit the tool that is known to use.

For this reason, Mozilla has created the contest: the first phase of rough collection of ideas, presented through a slender two pages. An initial evaluation is performed by an internal team and the ideas are great. Only those who pass the screening (10) access to the next stage and can present a plan of detail about fifteen pages. And these ideas are being presented to the court of the community. The most voted will receive $ 3000 and will be implemented as part of the marketing of Firefox. Here you can find all details on the participation

The ideas are very mildly affected, structured, well even some depth. At a cost far affordability, managed to take home a wealth of ideas do not matter. Considering then that all the ideas submitted are royalty free and creative common license (regulation), to the fact the heritage of ideas collected and implemented is very high.

The reasons for success? Communty a very strong, large and cohesive, sharing not only needs but also ideal (the davide against Goliath-IE7), and a desire for notoriety, to be recognized first among equals within the same commuinty

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