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Search Engines love original and brand new updated content. This is actuality the most important factor in determining your Search Engine Result & PageRank. Search Engine Optimization is all about content. The superior the quality of your webpage content, the higher it will rank for your targeted keyword. From consumer position, we would like to read the most efficient information on the internet; this is what the Search Engine weights as well. Click on the link the below to read and learn how to advance the originality of your content for the users as well as the Search Engines.For a great many website, this is all the search engine optimization that is needed to gain top rankings. A number of search engine optimization techniques are considered by some people to be spam. It is probable that most of these people form their opinions on the basis of what they read in forums, rather than by thinking things through for themselves. This series of short articles explains the facts about some of the so-called search engine optimization spam techniques, and shows why they are neither wrong nor unethical, and cannot realistically be regarded as spam.
Before Google’s link-based PageRank came onto the scene, doorway pages were the most effective of the search engine optimization techniques. But with links now playing such a big role in rankings, are they as effective as they used to be?

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