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Advertising on Google Adwords ROI

Google Adwords is without doubt one of the most effective marketing instruments which in recent years has revolutionized the way we do online marketing and this has made Google the most important and rich search engine in the world.

What is the secret of Google Adwords? Why it works so well?

The reason is very simple: it is the meeting point par excellence of supply and demand of any product / service in the world. And 'therefore can offer its product to those who, at the same time where it is seeking, it is actually interested! Payment of advertising is done for each contact procured (for each click the ad - CPC).

When advertising on Google Adwords is useless?

When websites are created without a clear objective of converting visitors (potential customers) into buyers , well there is no point of having that website in the first place. So, even optimizing the best advertising investment, obtain a large number visits with no real return (ROI).

What should we do to get a good return on my advertising investment?

Basically you have 2 clear objectives:

  1. Maximizing the investment in advertising adwords using the best techniques and strategies.
  2. Achieving a single site or landing page that they are able to attract visitors (procured via adwords) to take the action you want (purchase, subscription newsletter, survey.


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