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B2B PPC Campaign Budget - Yahoo Vs Google

Most B2B companies when are about to launch a PPC campaign tend to be confused or rather puzzled where to spend most or their budget Yahoo or Google. Let me explain the differences between these two search engines in terms of B2B spending. Yahoo is a very B2C consumer based search engine and most of the people using Yahoo are usually looking for products that can buy directly from the website. Yahoo is great for day to day product such e-commerce online stores or websites that sell affordable products to the average consumer. So in other words yahoo is not known to have high conversion rates when it comes to B2B companies. Google on the other hand is more focused on hi-tech industries and B2B services. It is more lead generation based search engine than Yahoo where consumers are more educated about the web searches than Yahoo moms&pops users. So if your company falls into the B2B category my suggestion would be to start thinking about dropping more funds onto Google Adwords than Yahoo search marketing. Speaking from experience I have seen conversion rates 80% higher in Google when it comes to B2B software companies. However, it may vary for some B2B companies as the products and services are not the same so do not go right ahead and start pouring all of your fund into Google. Do your research and see what your competitors are doing, whether they are in yahoo at all and if they are what type of keywords are they bidding on in one engine vs the other. Well this if all for now as you know you will have to contact me for more info.


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