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Landing Page Strategy for SaaS (Software as a service) - PPC

The main focus of a B2B company when optimizing a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign should be the Landing page message and design to capture leads in very few easy steps. Let’s take for example SaaS (Software as a service) industries which mostly lead generation oriented as well as very expensive in terms of buying the service. One of the top priorities for a SaaS B2B company should be the custom landing page development to better integrate the user with the service offerings. Creating the right landing page can be very critical to your PPC campaign as it conveys your service value proposition directly to the user who has two choices “fill out the lead capture form” or simply “leave the page”. The average user spends at most 12 seconds on a landing page after they click on the AdWords ads to further their interest in the service offered by the SaaS company.

What are some PPC Landing Page recommendations for a SaaS company?

• Define the SaaS goal of that specific landing page ( Demo, White-paper, Podcasts, expert)
• Use SaaS visuals to help user see what the service/product is like after they purchased it
• Have a lead capture form with no more than five info fields
• Get to the point quickly without cluttering the page with unnecessary SaaS information
• List SaaS key benefits by outlining the core components
• If using a toll free number on the landing page make sure you track those calls
• Use headlines that show what the SaaS service/product is all about

One way of looking at the PPC landing page is just like the “elevator pitch” analogy.
Now you also have to keep in mind that the user searching for SasS may not necessarily be the decision maker therefore you have to also accommodate the language so that the average user can understand what the service is about.

Here are few possible user profiles that maybe searching for your services:

Uninformative users:
  • Administrative stuff
  • Interns
  • Account Coordinators
Informative users:
  • CEOs
  • IT managers
  • CTOs
  • Senior Executives

It is essential to understand who your online audience is prior to launching the landing page and designing it for higher conversion rates.

Below is a generic benefit statement that I pulled out of Wikipedia;

“Using SaaS can also conceivably reduce the up-front expense of software purchases, through less costly, on-demand pricing from hosting service providers.”
This is a great example for a PPC landing page headline that conveys a very powerful message to the user by indicating that “reduces the up-front expense of software purchases” with “on-demand pricing”.This headline captures anyone’s attention as it conveys cost benefits as well as a fast timely manner service.

Having worked with a variety of B2B SaaS companies I have come up with a landing page formula that not only alters lead generation volume but also increases user engagement.


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