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Part Time Pay Per Click Freelancer - PPC Boston

Hiring a Part-Time pay per click freelancer or consultant will give your business many excellent benefits to increase your PPC campaign’s conversion rates. Your business will greatly benefit from having a Part Time pay per click freelancer simply by saving you a great deal of time and cut costs. Having a Pay Per Click Freelancer is very cost effective and a way of gaining the experienced and qualified PPC your business needs in-house. It will provide a very flexible solution during a period of major change for your business. I am a PPC freelancer based in Boston, MA and offer a wide range of Pay Per Click services for business who are looking to either hire a contract PPC consultant for a short period of time or annually.

Whether you need a new PPC campaign or optimization of an existing PPC campaign my service includes:

  • Deep analysis of your site to create the best PPC strategy to market your services
  • Campaign optimization, split testing and expansion of ad groups
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Copywriting and Ad group editing
  • Personal account manager
  • Landing page optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Lead and sales tracking
  • Identify low performance keywords and ads
  • Advise your team on a recommended budget plan to maximize your ROI
  • Monthly reporting of your results including click through rates and conversions

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