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Why Use Pay Per Click Freelance Service?

Benefits of using a Pay Per Click Freelance agent over employing your own staff:

When you consider the following factors:
  1. Affordability – Why hire a big agency that will charge you thousands of dollars for the same job that a PPC freelancer will do at a very lower rate. Also, big agencies charge you a percentage or you budget so whenever you want to increase your budget their fee will go up as well. Why be penalized for wanting to spend more.
  2. Not Full time – A Pay Per Click freelancer is not a full-time employ so all the combined costs with overheads like annual and sick leave, superannuation, work cover insurances. With the current market, the ability to switch jobs is relatively easy, so this expense at the beginning is a repetitive ongoing cost.
  3. Great Flexibility – These days, it seems that no one really cares enough to be reliable in their job. A pay per click freelancer can get the work done faster and be flexible at the same time, since the work can be done throughout the day from 6AM to 12PM instead of the 9 – 5 office hours.
  4. Experience – Given the market today, it is very difficult to find someone who has the necessary PPC experience to provide your company with the best results.
  5. Leave - What happens when someone calls in sick or is on annual leave? It can burden heavily onto your business and other staff.
  6. No Contract Fees - If you hire a PPC agency to have relief staff or assistance, the costs can be significant. They get a big hourly rate, and you pay a significant amount more per hour plus any fees for them to be there.

To sum it up if you go with a PPC freelancer then all these issues turn into benefits for you:

  • Affordability - Pay only for hours worked without the extra overheads. Instead of paying payroll taxes, contracting out can be a tax deductible expense!
  • Reliability – Always on call, hours to fit your business needs.
  • Experience – Most PPC freelancers have worked in either a SEM agency or in-house company running their PPC campaigns so it will be the same as you hired that agency but at a lower price.
  • Leave - There is no need to worry about this with freelance agents.
  • Contract Fees - There are none, in fact if you need to have a staff member to cover at your site you will find reasonable, fee free rates.

Hiring a Pay Per Click freelancer to run your PPC campaign is a win-win situation for both the business and the cost benefits.

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