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Pay Per Click Offer Value

It happens almost every day that I contacted by clients that identify Pay Per Click or Internet Marketing (and who is dealing) with the gain-line.

A friend of mine asked me to give him a hand for a PPC project and told me she was contacted by several "web marketers" whose proposals were not ever make money over the end in itself and I asked if it was the same for me. I am disgusted.

Here, precisely on this point I'd like to clear up by false interpretation of Pay Per Click once and for all.

The objective of Pay Per Click is Offer Value to your customers.

The money came as a natural consequence of value. NOT gain exists online and offline worthless!

Precisely that it is absolutely legitimate to seek to gain by using the internet and then look for tools and strategies to do so but before doing so you must ask a fundamental question:

Question right, I thing I have to offer? What is the value of my offer? What I have to DARE?

Wrong Question: How do I earn?

Why the first question is correct? It 'simple ... I answer with another question:

For what reason should someone pay if they do not receive in return something of equal value? You do?

The examples of successful online are examples of those who have been able to offer real value and certainly not speaking of famous chains!

So those who have nothing to offer can not expect to win. The first tool that you must obtain in order to do business online is a range of value something that represents real value for someone. The promises have little effect when customers realize that what you sell is worth much less than we have been persuaded to believe.

In concluding that the specific Pay Per Click is not just pure business, but goes far beyond. For example, the Pay Per Click tool used by associations, non-profit, humanitarian organizations, research organizations to do good and increase their awareness.


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