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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) - Pay Per Click Strategy

Recently we had a question from a user who was interested to learn how to optimize their current pay per click campaign. The service they offer is quite complex which consisted on Service-oriented architecture (SOA). The company’s challenge was the budget and bidding strategy approach. First thing you have to know is that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) obviously falls on the B2B PPC category, so the budget and PPC bidding strategy needs a thorough approach. So, our first suggestion was to “Day-part” as we have mentioned many times before, so you are limiting your budget to days that users are specifically looking for you. Secondly, we recommended to bid only on the keywords that are highly relevant to their service which in this case is Service-oriented architecture (SOA). Of course there is more to it but that’s the surface of that. Once we made these changes we did a benchmark study to measure the success of our B2B bid and budget management strategy. The results were quite astonishing as the lead volume increased by 67% in a matter of three weeks and the lead quality was up by 47%. As we had presumed the action plan worked like a charm despite their challenge. It is very interesting to see how few little tweaks can make a big difference in a Pay Per Click campaigns success. However, we did a lot of research on the subject of Service-oriented architecture (SOA) to learn more about their business and market segments prior to suggesting the strategy as it is a very complex industry.

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