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New Marketing Strategies VS. Old Marketing Strategies

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Online Marketing Benefits

Online Marketing is the planning and execution of the web production, services pricing, website service/product promotion and order distribution of goods and services to create exchanges that achieve individual and business objectives.

To put simply, online marketing is about matching every part of your online business with your customers so that:

  • You meet their needs instantly.
  • They are aware that you meet their instant needs.
  • They are motivated to buy from you because your website is different from your competitor.
  • They are motivated to keep buying from you since your competition has nothing to offer them through the online channel.

If you don’t achieve these outcomes, customers won’t buy from you and they will go to your competitor. It won’t matter if you make the best product in the world or if you are very good at online marketing and online website administration - poor online marketers go out of business sooner than you think.


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