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Strategic Planning Process

Get the marketing direction right
Is your organization on the right online marketing track? Does it meet the needs of online service users, clients, and other stakeholders?

Examine the online strategic vision, mission, and core values
This basic question can either seem apparent or intimidating. The right online marketing approach is to refer back to your organization’s mission statement and original strategic vision. Are those original values still relevant today? Are they supported throughout the organization?
Unless these questions are asked, there's the risk of mission go with the flow”. Mission “go with the flow” means the organization is losing touch with its online service users and is off target with their core audience.
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Start by consulting with internal and external stakeholders
All the companies’ relevant stakeholders ought to be consulted, both internally and externally. Everyone who works in the organization - including the volunteers - and the clients/service users and beneficiaries need to be sounded out to see where they think the company currently stands, where it is going, and most importantly of all, where it should be heading.
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Consider the marketing pace of change
If your organization operates in an online industry that is changing rapidly, the reevaluation of your direction should happen regularly – possibly every year. Or else, it should be carried out once every 3 years or so.


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