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The Goal - Objective - Working Order

If you want to go somewhere in a car - you need:

• A goal (destination)
• A car that is in perfect working order (the result of studies and research).
• The driver license (the result of study and a theory test / practice).
• An updated road map (the result of studies and research, and graphics)
• Information on road conditions (the result of data collected and analyzed and retransmitted)
• In a travel plan (result of the data, desires, etc.).
• Time

Similarly, to think that a website is just a set of electronic pages composed of graphics, photos and text and viewable on any computer with a browser, it's like to think that to go to a place you just an engine and four wheels.

In fact, the Web site is the result of a project aimed at Online Marketing in Internet penetration.

The term Online Marketing means the set of strategies, activities and techniques that use the Internet as a medium for collecting and analyzing information aimed to optimize marketing plans, identifying and meeting the needs of consumers in when they arise and creating a relationship with him long term, going in search of efficiency for the integrated management of sales, communication, advertising, promotion, services, and customer care.

The Internet is not a strategy, but it serves the business strategy of your company, all within your company is to understand, approve and then join.

The whole model of your enterprise should be reviewed and evolve because of the Internet, so we need a complete knowledge of the medium, its specificity and its limitations.

Finding a partner is the key to success in the context of multifunctional


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