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Law Firm - Lawyer Lead Generation Strategies

How to market you law firm? This is a question often large law firms or individual lawyer ask themselves how do we get our business to the next level. How do we get more leads? Majority of lawyers and law firms relay heavily on other web portals to advertise their website such as,,, etc. However, the days have changed and now lawyers can advertise their website easily without having to rely on other web portals simply by using online marketing mediums such as Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) , Social Media, Email Marketing and more. This is the era that any business can take their marketing to another level and become profitable by generating additional leads. So how do you go about starting out your online marketing campaign for you law firm business? Before you decide to invest in online marketing it is very important to do some research on your own and learn about SEO, PPC and overall web marketing. Therefore when you hire someone to manage it you will be educated and ready to make quick decisions that will not cost you. Note that as great as online marketing is, be careful as there are many scam artists out there who will promise you the world and high rankings in a short period of time at very affordable prices. Whenever you see that…RUN as it is the most common scam from people who are not qualified to perform online marketing tasks an your website.

The best thing to do is hire a local online marketing consultant or freelancer since consultants usually tend to charge a lot less than large online marketing agencies. Also, not that you do not need to be locked in a contract which many large advertising agencies do so they can have a incoming revenue. You do not need to be in a two year contract for a SEO project that’s ridiculous unless your website has a large number of pages and needs to be optimized weekly. Most large advertising agencies tend to sell you on monthly & weekly reports and ongoing consulting so they have something to keep charging you every month. You can run your own reports and avoid paying agencies crazy monthly fees.

If a law firm is looking to generate new leads through their website I would highly suggest start reading about online marketing strategies especially SEO, PPC and social media (facebook, twitter). Lead generation for law firms its going to get very competitive as more and more lawyers are starting to get into the online marketing so the faster you start the better your chances are to rank up higher in search engines. Google rewards websites that have been around for a while.

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