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Contract Web Developer Boston - For Hire - Hourly - By Project

Also I can be hired as a contract web developer Boston. I offer the right combination of skills and experience in designing, building and maintaining websites. I will work together with our server engineers and design, implement the web front-end, and create visualization of analytics and diagnostics of web-based services. I am a self-starter, a strong team contributor, a fast learner and most importantly, creative. As Boston contract web developer I can offer are shown below but are not limited to:

  • Deep knowledge of java and/or a major server-side scripting language, such as PHP
  • Experience with CMS tools, Drupal and more
  • HTML/CSS, Javascript
  • Graphics and design software, such as Photoshop
  • Web server administration and the administration and maintenance of MySQL databases
  • Knowledge of Cookies, HTTP protocol issues

As a contract web developer Boston I can aslo perform internal and public-facing recurring web updates, standardize layout from disparate inputs and post both internal and external communication. Assist in the collection and reporting of website analytics, the preparation of pre-production materials for the development of new websites, and the analysis and reporting of internal and competitor’s websites.

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