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Setting Up Small Business Website Boston

First before setting up your small business website there are a few basics you need to know prior to launching your website.

First secure a domain name from any website that you feel comfortable with and don't hesitate because it might be too late if you decide to go back and buy it the day after or week after. This goes especial for business around Boston area since every is after the Boston domain related keywords. There is a reason behind that but I wont get to details on this post. So go ahead an buy that Boston domain name.

Second, buy a small business hosting account either from a local Boston hosting company or national such as Goddady, Network Solutions, Bluehost etc. These days hosting companies offer great packages for small business owners to accommodate their budget.

Third, build the small business website but don's use free templates as they tend to destroy the look and feel of your website since it was not designed specifically for your target audience. Make sure you look for a Boston website designer around the town or city you live in, most of them will be happy to assist a local business.


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