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Having worked on many wordpress blogs from scratch I have started seeing a huge spike in demand for wordpress lately which I think its mainly due to the high popularity it has gotten in the past few years. I love designing wordpress themes as every time brings a new challenge given that every business has different and unique requests. Many people in Boston have started blogging and sharing their thoughts with the world through wordpress and I feel the design they choose for their wordpress blog reflects not only their sense of style but also their personality. I have seen real estate brokers, lawyers, dentists, opticians blog about their experience in their field. Many businesses in Boston area blog everyday. Thats right, some of them actually write blogs on hourly basis. Every small business owner has become a great editor in their business industry only by writing blog posts related to the industry their business falls in. However, I have noticed that some blogs despite having interesting articles do not get attract visitors or keep them for too long on their site. Why? Well first of all the design can the biggest problem as people dont like to read from a blog that bothers their eyes or simply dont like so they leave. Design is the key to keep visitors coming back. People these days tend to be very impatient and move on to the next blog very quickly so dont let that be you.
Wordpress and other blogging  platforms have changed the way people think about the web and the benifits it brings.

Let me know if you are looking to design or develop a wordpress blog and I can help you get started quickly.

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