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Choosing A Web Hosting Server - Where to Begin ?

Nowadays your web hosting company plays a critical role in your website's economic performance. Download speed of your server is the number one reason which impacts how your web pages load. Lets say a customer comes to your website and waits almost a minute for the site to load and then after painfully waiting that long click on a second page and waits another minute. Guess what ? You just lost that customer. Well most hosting companies offer shared hosting at a reasonable price even at $3 per month but as you might have guessed its that old saying "you get what you paid for". Choosing the right company which offers a great service, technical support and tons of memory, hardrive, bandwidth is surprisingly very difficult. Why? Because many companies try to oversell their packages to get the most out of their hosting plans and your website is paying the price for that by not having enough resources as a result experience downtown or slow loading.

There are three types of poplar hosting server plans out there:

Shared Hosting ( numerous of website into one server box )
VPS Hosting ( Not as many websites into one box )
Dedicated Hosting ( Only one website in the box )

Obviously, going with a dedicated server is the best solution but price is the only concern on this one as it tends to be on the high-end.

Also, another thing that is important to mention is that shared hosting is fully managed by the hosting company white VPS and Dedicated come either partially managed or unmanaged so you will have to worry about all the headaches that come with it such as security patches, updates, server errors etc.

Honestly, we've seen too many websites that suffer from being on a bad server that really impacted their online/offline revenue.

If you need help with selecting a hosting provider or just looking to transfer to a new server we can help you with the process and recommend the best solution for your business.


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