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Company Intranet Portal Development

Company intranets are the life blood for some business but having the right system is very crucial as it facilitates the communication internally. We have developed many corporate intranets for large to small businesses.

What makes a great company intranet?

Simple is better – having just enough features to get the job done should be the motto for any intranet so that everyone in the company understands it.

Easy of use – Nobody likes to keep scratching their head and wonder how to find their way around. The last thing you want is to have employees wonder around looking for “that link”.

Security – Most likely all of your sensitive information is stored in that intranet database so having the right firewall is vital to keeping all the information confidential.

In our experience these three basic requirements are more than enough for a company intranet run smoothly and get the job done. However, some companies may have more or less requirements depending on their business model.

If you are looking to have a company intranet developed, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


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