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Wordpress SEO Features

Wordpress is one of the greatest open source (FREE) content management system out there not only for its easy to use functionality but also for added SEO features. Wordpress is well known for the practical use of plugins and management. Wordpress gives anyone the ability to turn the blog into a very powerful and dynamic site from eCommerce to company intranets.

Feature 1
Many plug-ins offer the user to enter custom Title, Description, Keyword tags for all the posts and pages which makes easier to optimize it for search engines.

Feature 2
Custom ULRs – great control over the URL structure so you can enter desired keywords.

Feature 3
Xml-Rpc Ping Tool – Great for communication with other sites

Feature 3
Link structure – Wordpress’s links are so well laid out that it makes interlinking automated. For example sidebar widget links like: recent posts, categories, cloud tags are perfect to link your posts throughout the site.


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