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Know Your Target Audience

Many web developers create websites without the end-user experience in mind and that is perfectly ok for them as they do not have that type of expertise or even need it since its more of a marketing role. Thats why you see many sites that are poorly designed without thinking about the end-user. For example we took on a project for a healthcare website and the backend interface was designed from a programers point of view and less about the person whos going to use it.  The people were forced to go through 6 steps despite having created an account with the site already that included their (first, last, email, address, credit card, bank account etc..). You had to click the submit button twice so the page would refresh and load the proper fields which could also be done very easily in ajax. The point is that developers nowdays need to be not only coders but also user experience experts so they can deliver the right product.

I can instantly look at a UI and find at least 10 things wrong with it wether its a back-end or front-end. The solution is to take a second look and learn more about the people are actually going to use it and design it based on those aspects. As simple as that. Know your audience!


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