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Wordpress Error login, Login Trouble - Solution

Wordpress is a great and very powerful blogging platform and is used by millions of websites, however   it also comes with its headaches. The most common I've seen is when people "Can't Log In" after they upgrade or install new plugins. We usually get these types of questions "I can't login to admin panel", "keep getting a blank/white page" etc. If you are having trouble logging in to your Wordpress(wp-admin) area can be very frustrating and its perfectly understandable as you need to keep your website going.

The main cause of this problem is that many plugins, themes, new installations, upgrades may not be compatible with the new version. Also, your hosting company may not give you a lot of options as far as root access goes. Being on a shared hosting could be a tricky situation as it limits your accessibility.

Below are some solutions to this problem/issue:
  1. Try resetting all of our active plugins which can be done by navigating to WP plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins/). Rename this folder to something news for example:( /wp-content/plugins-test/). What this does is disable any plugins that maybe causing issues to your WP admin.
  2. Download a fresh copy of the current WP version try re-uploading all files & folders - except the wp-content folder and wp-config.php
  3. Try running another upgrade manually via wwp.yourwebsite/wp-admin/upgrade.php this may resolve any database upgrade problems that may have araised during the initial upgrade. 
  4. Download a fresh copy of the current theme, then extract the functions.php file to your desktop and upload it to the wp-content/themes/ folder using FTP or whatever file management application your server offers.
  5. Try switching back to the original theme when you first downloaded WordPress by renaming your current theme's folder inside wp-content/themes and adding "-older" to the end of the folder name using FTP or whatever file management application your host offers.
  6. Blank pages are usually php errors so looking into your server error logs would be a good idea.

If you have tried all these options and nothing has worked feel free to contact us and we will solve this problem for you.


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