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Wordpress Ecommerce Tip #2

Change wording in your shopping cart.
Most all of the “text” on the site that involves the shopping cart can be found in the language file here:
“wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/languages/EN_en.php”. In that file you will find everything from “Visit the Shop” to “PnP” (which most like to change to “Shipping”) to the sentence that reads on the checkout page about “having your credit card handy”. You can change these phrases to whatever you’d like, but just remember that when editing this text that you leave the quotes in place, otherwise your site will break!
So here’s an example…I want to remove the words “Visit the Shop” from my sidebar shopping cart. So I locate the line in the language file (it’s on line 174):

define('TXT_WPSC_VISITTHESHOP', 'Visit the Shop');
I would then change it to this:
And you notice that I left in the quotes, but removed the text. That’s it for changing or removing text.


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