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5 Tips to Speed Up Your Website

Studies show that people will abandon your website if it does not load in at least 4 seconds. Yes, now days online users are very impatient and will move one fairly quickly to another site.

Speed in my opinion is the second most important aspect after search engine optimization which gets people to your site. Lets say you have optimized you site very well and and you are getting quite a bit of traffic but once people get there and wait its of no use.

So here hare some useful tips to boost your website speed:
  1. Get a dedicated server with at least 1GB of RAM
  2. Enable MySQL query cache for website with lots of queries
  3. Serve images, JavaScripts, CSS files form a cookieless domain or CDN
  4. Use less code in your pages and dont clutter it with unnecessary applicatons you dont need. Simple
  5. Scale images so the browser does not have to do it and determine the size. Less steps for the browser the better it is for you. 
There are plenty other speed factors but these are some good ones to get you started. If you need any help please feel free to contact us.

Cloud computing Vs CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) - Difference

Many times we get asked from users what is the difference between Cloud computing and CDN?
Which one to choose ?

The big difference is that cloud computing is a big group of servers in 1 data center building which is usually at one location. On the other hand CDN is also group of servers but distributed around the country so it allows web visitors a better and faster access to the website. For example if you're in Boston trying to access a server in California it can be faster to be hitting a server locally in Boston for the files. The CDN is usually able to support much larger traffic volumes since the speed is calculated based on location the traffic comes from.

So which one to choose it really depends on your budget and the amount of traffic your website gets.

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